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Citizens for Health (CFH), the consumer voice of the natural health community, is one of the nation’s most respected consumer action groups, dedicated to providing a voice and a platform for informed and effective health activism. Founded in 1992, CFH is a non-profit organization that provides over 100,000 supporters with credible and well-researched consumer news, action alerts, and opportunities to protect and expand access to innovative dietary supplements, healthy food, non-toxic products and integrative healthcare.

Powered by Citizens for Health, the Natural Color Coalition was established in order to give a consistent voice to consumers who are encouraging manufacturers and brands to use only natural food colors. In 2018, we saw major changes with the banning of several artificial colors and many store chains removing products with artificial colors.

We believe that, as consumers, we can effect positive change with positive messaging.

Join us in telling your favorite brands that you love their products but that you would love them even more if they were colored naturally.


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