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Official Rules 

NO PURCHASE NECESSARY VOID WHERE PROHIBITED BY LAW                                                                    Request a copy of OFFICIAL RULES HERE


BY SUBMITTING A VIDEO FOR Citizens for Health’s  "Color me with Love Video Contest”, YOU AGREE TO THESE OFFICIAL RULES.

GENERAL OVERVIEW OF THE CONTEST: All videos submitted for the 2019 "Color me with Love Video Contest (the "Contest") must: (1) be between 30 seconds and 60 seconds in length; (2) comply with the requirements of these “Official Rules”. These Official Rules describe the manner in which the Contest will be conducted. As described in detail below, the top three (3) Prize winners will be determined by Panel of Judges. Please read these Official Rules carefully as they contain important information about how the Contest will be conducted, including eligibility to enter, deadline dates for entry, and rules regarding video submissions that may be entered in the Contest.


CONTEST DATES: The Contest begins at 12:00 am (PT) on February 12, 2019, and ends at 12:01 am (PT) on March 16, 2019 (“Contest Period”). During the Contest Period there are a series of Contest-related events which start and end on the dates and times noted below:

WINNERS ANNOUNCED March 20th no later than 3:00pm (PT) at and on all the related social media properties, winner will be contacted via email..               

CONTEST ENTITIES: Must be uploaded to your chosen social Media Platform and the Official Entry form located at:  and shared to our channel on whichever platform you choose. Neither YouTube,or any other social media platform, are sponsors of the Contest and have no responsibility or liability regarding the conduct or administration of the Contest.

ELIGIBILITY: The Contest is open to anyone aged 18 and older. Must comply with all Federal, State and local laws from where you are entering from.


UPLOAD YOUR SUBMISSION: Once registered and logged onto Social Media, click the “Upload" button. Follow the instructions for entering/uploading your video.


NOTIFY SPONSOR OF ENTRY: Complete the online form on the official Contest website at (, correctly filling in all required information, providing contact information, video title, and a link to the video submission on YouTube site.


LAST ENTRY DEADLINE: Video submissions and Contest Sponsor notification must be received by the Social platforms site and the Sponsor’s email server between 12:00 am (PT) on February 12 2019, and 12:01am (PT) on March 16, 2019 (“Video Submission Period”).

The YouTube website’s database clock and the Sponsor's email server will be the official timekeepers for the Contest. Video submissions must be received during the applicable Video Submission Period through your chosen platforms website and the Sponsor's email server. For purposes of this Contest, a submission is “received” when the social platform and Sponsor's email servers record the submission information (after completion of steps 2 - 4 in HOW TO ENTER section abov). Proof of sending (such as an automated computer receipt confirming submission or “thanks for your submission” screen or message) does not constitute proof of actual receipt of a submission for purposes of this Contest. Furthermore, the Sponsor shall have no liability for any video submission that is lost, intercepted or not received by the Sponsor. Incomplete video submissions and/or failure to follow the instructions, procedures and/or these Official Rules shall render that video submission invalid and it will not be considered in this Contest or be available during the member voting period (where applicable). There is a limit of one (1) entry per person division, bureau or station of entry method. If multiple entries are received from any of the above, only the first entry will be considered and subsequent entries will be disqualified. Those who do not abide by these Official Rules and other instructions of Sponsor will be disqualified. Video submissions will not be returned.

SUBMISSION FORMAT AND CONTENT REQUIREMENTS: Sponsor has the sole discretion to determine whether a video qualifies as an entry. Automated, script, macro or robotic entries submitted by individuals or organizations will be disqualified. Any entry not in compliance with the following will be disqualified:

TECHNICAL REQUIREMENTS: Your video submission(s) must be provided in one of the formats accepted on the platform you choose,  (“Website”).

Length and Language Requirements: All video submissions must be no longer than 60 seconds in length, including any tags, and must be in English.

ORIGINALITY: All entries must be the sole, original work of the Contestant. You warrant and represent that your video submission: is original and has been legally created, and that you own all rights to your video submission(s) including, without limitation, the copyrights in the recording and the elements and performances contained therein; does not infringe the intellectual property, privacy or publicity rights or any other legal or moral rights of any third party; has not been entered in any other contest or won any previous award; has not been published or distributed previously in any media; and complies in all respects with the requirements set forth in these Official Rules.


THIRD PARTY RIGHTS: Your video submission must not contain any elements that would infringe upon any third party's rights (including, without limitation, copyright, trademark, trade secret, or right of publicity or privacy). THIS MEANS THAT YOU MUST HAVE OR HAVE OBTAINED ALL RIGHTS TO REPRODUCE, DISTRIBUTE, PUBLICLY PERFORM, AND OTHERWISE USE ALL CONTENT, APPEARANCES BY PEOPLE, AND ANYTHING ELSE THAT APPEARS OR CAN BE HEARD IN YOUR VIDEO SUBMISSIONS. In addition, your video submission(s) must not include any commercial content that: (1) promotes any product or service other than one owned or branded by Sponsor (including, without limitation, any corporate or commercial advertising, corporate logos, brand names or slogans), or (2) disparages the Contest Entities or their partners, customers, competitors or any third party in any way. Sponsor's determination as to whether the video submission potentially violates the rights of any third party is final.

CONTENT LIMITATIONS: Entries must be in keeping with Sponsor's image and may not be offensive, as determined by Sponsor in its sole discretion. Video submission(s) must not include anything in its theme, imagery or language that is profane/obscene/lewd, involves inappropriate images or text, including, but not limited to, nudity, anything of a sexual nature, acts of violence, drug use or other acts that appear to cause harm or are illegal/dangerous, or any references to the same or any content that is defamatory, threatening, trade libelous, slanderous, libelous, disparaging, unlawfully harassing, hateful or injurious to any individual, any Contest Entity, or any third party. In such an event, the entry will not be posted on the National Color Coalition YouTube site and will be disqualified from the Contest.

Permissions and Releases: You acknowledge that you are responsible for obtaining any and all documents, policies and authorizations necessary to make your video submission, including but not limited to publicity releases, permits, venue permissions as may be necessary; and you warrant and represent that you have done so and will make written copies of such permissions available to Sponsor upon request. You specifically warrant and represent that you have obtained permission from each person whose name, image, likeness and/or voice ("Likeness") is included in your video submission(s), and that such person(s) has/have granted you all necessary rights to use the person's Likeness as described in these Official Rules, and that you will make written copies of such permissions available to Sponsor upon request. If the Likeness of a minor is included, such grant of rights must include written permission from the minor's parent or legal guardian authorizing the use of the minor's Likeness on behalf of the minor. Your video submission(s) must be produced using non-union (e.g. non-SAG, non-AFT) talent or talent that has not been and is not currently under any union or guild agreement that results in any ongoing obligations resulting from the use, exhibition or other exploitation of the video submission(s).

SELECTION PROCESS/MEMBER VOTING: Judges Panel Voting will include the following:

Judges Voting: Video submissions will be judged by members of CFH, Public Relations Professionals and Branding professionals based on criteria of: creativity, humor, relatability, and message delivery. Judges decisions are final.

SELECTION OF WINNERS: Once the votes have been tallied and the Winners chosen they will be announced on Social Media and via email on March 20th , 2019, no later than 3:00pm (PT)

FINAL NOTIFICATION: Winners will be notified on March 20, 2019 no later than 3pm PST by email. If any winner cannot be reached after a reasonable effort has been exerted, or if he/she is found to be ineligible, or if he/she cannot or does not comply with these Official Rules, the winner may be disqualified and an alternate winner may be selected. Contestants agree that the Sponsor has the sole right to decide all matters and disputes arising from this Contest and that all decisions of Sponsor are final and binding, and are not subject to challenge or appeal.

PRIZES: The individual responsible for the top video (subject to verification) will receive a Surface Pro 6, the individuals responsible for the second place video (subject to verification) will receive a Visa Gift card worth $500, and Four individuals who produced the 3rd place videos will each receive One Google Home Pro system, monthly service NOT included, valued at ($149 each-One Hundred Forty Nine Dollars USA . If a winning video was submitted by more than one group the amount can be divided according to the wishes of the recipients; however, no more than the stated prize will be awarded. Each prize will be shipped directly to the winner. Prizes may not be assigned, transferred, or changed, except at the sole discretion of Sponsor. The awarding of any prize is contingent upon full compliance with these Official Rules. Contestants agree to be bound by these Official Rules. Contestants agree that if he or she fails to provide proof of identity, refuses to complete and provide any requested tax forms (including IRS W-9 form), is found to have violated these Official Rules or otherwise does not meet eligibility criteria, any awarded prize will be forfeited and the Contestant who submitted the video with the next highest score will become an alternate prize recipient. Contestants understand that Sponsor is not liable for injuries, losses or damages of any kind arising from participation in this Contest and acceptance, possession and use of prize. Sponsor is not responsible for any typographical or other error in the printing of the offer, administration of the Contest or in the announcement of any prize. Taxes on prizes are the sole responsibility of prize recipients. The first and second place prize recipients will be issued 1099 tax forms. Contestants understand and agree that Sponsor has the right, in its sole discretion, to disqualify and remove any video submission at any time. All prize details not specified in these Official Rules will be determined by Sponsor in Sponsor’s sole discretion. Sponsor will not replace any lost, mutilated or stolen prize or any prize that is undeliverable or does not reach the winner because of an incorrect or changed address. Odds of winning are based upon the number of entries.

PUBLICITY RELEASE: Except where prohibited by law, by participating in the Contest, each Contestant irrevocably grants the Contest Entities and their respective successors, assigns and licensees, the royalty-free, perpetual, worldwide right to use, reproduce and distribute such Contestant’s name, likeness, and biographical information in connection with the National Color Coalitions "Color Me with Love Video Contest”, in any and all media now or hereafter known for any purpose, including without limitation, advertising or promotional purposes, on the Website, and hereby releases the Contest Entities from any liability with respect thereto.

GRANT OF RIGHTS: By participating, except where prohibited by law, each Contestant grants to the Contest Entities and their agents and assigns in perpetuity the non-exclusive, irrevocable, sub licensed, royalty-free license, right and permission to reproduce, distribute, publicly perform, use, edit, modify, rearrange, add to, delete from, copy, reproduce, translate, separate, adapt, publish, combine with other material, reuse, adapt, create derivative works based upon, and exploit the content of and elements embodied in his/her video submission(s), in any and all media now or hereafter known, including but not limited to digital and electronic media, computer, audio and audiovisual media (whether now existing or hereafter devised), in any language, throughout the world, and in any manner, for trade, advertising, promotional, commercial, or any other purposes without further review, notice, approval, consideration, or compensation. Each Contestant agrees that the Contest Entities may, but are not required to, attribute a video submission to a Contestant. Each Contestant releases the Released Parties (defined below) from any and all claims that Contestant may now or hereafter have in any jurisdiction based on unfair competition with respect to the Released Parties’ exploitation of video submissions without further notification or compensation to Contestants of any kind, and agrees not to initiate, support, maintain, or authorize any action, claim, or lawsuit against the Released Parties and each of their affiliates, licensees, or any other person in connection with this Contest, on the grounds that any use of any video submission, or any derivative works, infringe or violate any of Contestant’s rights therein.

Each Contestant acknowledges and agrees that nothing in these Official Rules will require a Contest Entity to use a video submission in part or in whole or to include a video submission in any Contest Entity-related property. Each Contestant hereby acknowledges and agrees that the relationship between the Contestant and any of the Released Parties is not a confidential, fiduciary, or other special relationship, and that the Contestant’s decision to submit his/her video submission(s) for purposes of the Contest does not place any of the Released Parties in a position that is any different from the position held by members of the general public with regard to elements of the video submission(s), other than as set forth in these Official Rules. Each Contestant understands and acknowledges that the Released Parties have wide access to ideas, stories, designs, and other materials. Each Contestant also acknowledges that many ideas may be competitive with, similar to, or identical to his/her video submission(s) and/or each other in theme, idea, format, or other respects. Each Contestant acknowledges and agrees that such Contestant will not be entitled to any compensation as a result of a Contest Entity’s use of any such similar or identical material that has or may come to a Contest Entity from other sources. Each Contestant acknowledges and agrees that the Released Parties do not now and shall not have in the future any duty or liability, direct or indirect, vicarious, contributory, or otherwise, with respect to the infringement or protection of the Contestant’s copyright in and to his/her video submission(s). Each Contestant acknowledges that, with respect to any claim by Contestant relating to or arising out of a Contest Entity's actual or alleged exploitation or use of any video submission or other material submitted in connection with the Contest, the damage, if any, thereby caused to the Contestant will not be irreparable or otherwise sufficient to entitle such Contestant to seek injunctive or other equitable relief or in any way enjoin the production, distribution, exhibition, or other exploitation of any Contest Entity-owned or Contest Entity-related material based on or allegedly based on the video submission, and Contestant’s rights and remedies in any such event shall be strictly limited to the right to recover damages, if any, in an action at law.

GENERAL CONDITIONS: Sponsor, in its sole discretion, reserves the right to disqualify any person tampering with the entry or voting process or, as applicable, the operation of the Website or who is otherwise in violation of these Official Rules. Sponsor further reserves the right to cancel, terminate, suspend or modify the Contest, for any reason, including, without limitation, if it is not capable of running as planned, including because of infection by computer virus, bugs, tampering, unauthorized intervention or technical or other failures of any sort, or any other causes beyond the control of Sponsor. Nothing in these Official Rules is intended to waive any claim that a Contestant cannot unilaterally waive under applicable law. If any provision of these Official Rules is deemed unlawful, void, or for any reason unenforceable, then that provision shall be deemed severable from these Official Rules and shall not affect the validity and enforceability of any remaining provisions. Either Contest Entity’s failure to enforce any provision in these Official Rules will not constitute a waiver of that or any other provision. No waiver of any term or condition of these Official Rules shall be deemed a further or continuing waiver of such term or condition or any other term or condition.

OFFICIAL RULES: This Contest is subject to these Official Rules. By entering the Contest, Contestants waive any right to claim any ambiguity or error in the Official Rules Contest, or the Contest itself, and agree to be bound by these Official Rules and by all decisions of the Sponsor, whose decisions are binding and final in all respects.

DISCLAIMERS/LIMITATION OF LIABILITY: Released Parties are not responsible for lost, late, damaged, incomplete, stolen, illegible, misdirected, deleted, destroyed or altered video submissions; or for any computer, telephone, cable, network, electronic or Internet hardware or software malfunctions, failures, errors, interruptions, deletions, defects, delays, connections, availability or garbled or jumbled transmissions, service provider/Internet/Website/use net accessibility or availability, traffic congestion, or unauthorized human intervention, as applicable; viruses or technical or mechanical malfunctions; interrupted or unavailable cable or satellite systems; errors, typos or misprints in these Official Rules, in any Contest-related advertisements or other materials; or for any other errors or malfunctions of any kind, whether network, computer, printing, typographical, human or otherwise relating to or in connection with the Contest process. Released Parties are not responsible for electronic communications which are undeliverable as a result of any form of active or passive filtering of any kind, or insufficient space in your e-mail account to receive e-mail messages. Released Parties are not responsible, and may disqualify you, if your e-mail address does not work or if it is changed without prior written notice to Sponsor.

By participating in the Contest, Contestants, on behalf of themselves and their heirs, executors, administrators, successors and assigns, hereby knowingly and voluntarily release, discharge, waive and relinquish, and agree that they will not assert or maintain against the Contest Entities, those involved in the development, production (including prize suppliers, contractors, service providers), implementation and distribution of this Contest, and their designated agents and any other person or entity associated with such entities and/or this Contest, and any of their respective officers, directors, employees, representatives, attorneys, or agents (collectively, “Released Parties”), any claim, action, suit or demand of any kind or nature whatsoever, whether known or unknown now or in the future, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, arising out of or in connection with their participation in this Contest or any Contest-related activity, or their acceptance, possession, use or misuse of any prize in any way (including any tax liabilities). Contestants hereby further agree that Released Parties are not responsible or liable for, and that Contestants will indemnify, defend, release, and hold Released Parties harmless from and against, any and all claims, liabilities, losses, damages, injuries, costs and expenses (including, without limitation, reasonable attorney’s fees) of any nature whatsoever whether known or unknown now or in the future, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, arising out of or in connection with their participation in this Contest or any Contest-related activity, or their acceptance, possession, use or misuse of any prize in any way (including any tax liabilities). Contestants hereby acknowledge that they may hereafter discover facts different from or in addition to those which they now know or believe to be true and agree that this release will remain effective notwithstanding the discovery of such facts.

Without limiting any other provision in these Official Rules, Contest Entities are not responsible or liable to any Contestant or any person claiming through such Contestant for failure to provide the prize or any part thereof in the event that any of the Contest activities or the Contest Entities’ operations or activities are affected, as determined by the Sponsor in its sole discretion, including, without limitation, by reason of any acts of God, any action, regulation, order or request by any governmental or quasi-governmental entity (whether or not the action, regulations, order or request proves to be invalid), equipment failure, threatened terrorist acts, terrorist acts, air raid, blackout, act of public enemy, earthquake, war (declared or undeclared), fire, flood, epidemic, explosion, unusually severe weather, hurricane, embargo, labor dispute or strike (whether legal or illegal) labor or material shortage, transportation interruption of any kind, work slow-down, civil disturbance, insurrection, riot, or any law, rule, regulation, order or other action adopted or taken by any governmental, federal, state or local government authority, or any other cause, whether or not specifically mentioned above.

SPONSOR’S RIGHT TO MODIFY, SUSPEND OR TERMINATE: In the event Sponsor is prevented from continuing with the Contest by any event beyond its reasonable control, then Sponsor shall have the right in its sole discretion to modify, suspend, or terminate the Contest.

WINNER LIST: The name of the winners will be announced on March 5th, 2019, on the Natural Color Coalitions Website Home page ( and all of its social media properties.

GOVERNING LAW: All issues and questions concerning the construction, validity, interpretation, and enforceability of these Official Rules, or the rights and obligations of entrant and the Contest Entities in connection with the Contest, shall be governed by, and construed in accordance with, the substantive laws of the State of California, USA, without regard to choice of law rules.


NOTICE OF BINDING ARBITRATION AGREEMENT: You and we agree to attempt to informally settle any disputes arising out of or connected with the Contest. If that cannot be done, you and we agree that upon the election of either you or us any claim or dispute arising out of or connected with the Contest will be resolved by BINDING ARBITRATION administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with its Commercial Arbitration Rules and Mediation Procedures and Supplementary Procedures for Consumer-Related Disputes. As a result, you will GIVE UP YOUR RIGHT TO GO TO COURT to assert or defend your rights under these Official Rules (EXCEPT for matters within SMALL CLAIMS COURT jurisdiction). You acknowledge that by agreeing to BINDING ARBITRATION, you are agreeing to the following terms:

Your rights will be determined by a NEUTRAL ARBITRATOR and NOT a judge or jury. You understand and agree that YOU ARE WAIVING THE RIGHT TO A TRIAL BY JURY.

Arbitration proceedings provide you a FAIR HEARING, BUT the arbitration procedures are SIMPLER AND MORE LIMITED THAN RULES APPLICABLE IN COURT.

Arbitration decisions are as enforceable as any court order and are subject to VERY LIMITED REVIEW BY A COURT.

ARBITRATORS can award the same REMEDIES including DAMAGES that a COURT can award.


The PLACE OF ARBITRATION shall be in the federal district WHERE YOU RESIDE.

WE WILL REIMBURSE YOU FOR ANY FILING, ADMINISTRATION, AND ARBITRATOR FEES as imposed by the American Arbitration Association. However, if the arbitrator determines that YOUR CLAIM IS FRIVOLOUS, UNWARRANTED, OR BROUGHT FOR AN IMPROPER PURPOSE (in accordance with the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure Section 11(b)) YOU WILL RETURN TO US ANY FILING, ADMINISTRATION, AND ARBITRATOR FEES WE PAID.

If YOU PREVAIL on the merits of your claim in arbitration, WE WILL PAY YOUR ATTORNEYS’ FEES. You will NOT be required to pay OUR ATTORNEYS’ FEES IF WE PREVAIL.

FOR MORE DETAILS, check the American Arbitration Association’s website,, OR call the American Arbitration Association’s Customer Service telephone number at (800) 778-7879.

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