Citizens for Health launches Natural Color Coalition

Washington DC - Today Citizens for Health announced the formation of the Natural Color Coalition in order to give a consistent voice to the growing number of consumers encouraging brands to use only natural food colors. The mission of the Natural Color Coalition is to effect positive change with positive messaging to brands and manufacturers of the products we love, encouraging them to use natural food color in place of artificial colors and dyes.

Founded in 1992, non-profit Citizens for Health (CFH) has provided a platform supplying over 100,000 supporters with credible, well researched consumer health news and activism to expand and protect access to innovative, healthy, non-toxic products and integrative healthcare. “Between 2013 and 2018, we saw major changes in several industries with the banning of multiple artificial colors and many store chains removing products with artificial colors. But the U.S. is still far behind both Europe and Asia in making the change over from artificial colors and dyes.” says, Jim Turner Chairman of CFH.

Thanks to technological advancements and the approval of new sources for natural coloring, the vibrancy and range of color choices has expanded. This has helped to make the change from artificial colors to natural colors a simpler process than even 3 years ago. But it is still an intensive process and can be costly and time-consuming to get right. As consumers trend toward “clean” product choices, leading brands and manufacturers are making the switch sooner rather than later, reaping the rewards of strong brand loyalty and support.

The Natural Color Coalition hopes to bring together consumers, natural colors manufacturers, and brands to share and support positive change, with the long-term goal of a day in which all products have only natural colors and dyes.

We believe that, as consumers, we can effect positive change with positive messaging. Join us at

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